Monday, September 6, 2010

Italian fest.

This year me and my dad when to the italian fest in clarksburg.It was ok this year.The wind was really strong and it was cold. But music was great and food was alwsome!! I had a funeal cake and a rib eye steak sandwich with sweet pepper. I also got a jacket with the italian flag on it and it says it italia.

chore wars!

My awsome cuz D.D. show me this website called chore wars and said it was great because she could keep up with her chores and things like that. Well today i checked it out and i love it!! its like d&d but with chores and it really does help keep up with things. You have a party and your party is your family so you can keep up with what they did chore wise too! It has all these magic sounding names for everything like taking out the trash is " diposing a sack of rubbish or cursed magic items" i find that funny! In the long run i think it is a great thing for all family to have to keep up with chore. Thanks alot D.D.!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


OH MY GOSH!!! I started school. I have been at my neww school(south middle) for a two weeks and love it! I have friends and a locker and just started with homework! I forgot how much i love school but just wait for the middle of the year and i will be sick of it. Thats just the way it go. All my classes are differnt from my old school. Here we have 45min 8 periods and 30 min. lunch. I like this alot better because i don't get has bored has easy! By the time my math teacher stops teaching we have 10 mins left in class. She gives the last 10 mins for us to do are homework. Which i like because then i don't have to do it at home:)

Boys and Girls Club

This summer to try some thing new my dad signed me up for Boys and Girls club. I got to meet some people and had a friend or two. We went ever where too , Krepps park+pool ,Movies , Cheat lake , and so many more. I had a really good time!

summer of 2010

This summer makes two times i have been with my dad for the summer. This is also the summer i moved in with my dad:) After thinking long and hard for about a month or 2, i finaly chose to move in with my dad. It was hard at first with telling my mom,friends and family. I think i made a good pick but i guess i find out.